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Horton Hears a Who:
Belief, the other white meat… (Is this really about a movie?)

Premise; Just because YOU don't hear god talking to you, doesn't mean he doesn't exist! Just watch this movie and you too will finally understand what the believers have been trying to tell you, heathen. This movie bears witness to the horrific dangers of skepticism and the glorious power of faith! It is also a testament somehow, to the frightful perils of blind trust and the ever redeeming values of the active mind.

This movie has two main morals…
    1. Just because you cant prove the reality of something, via any means known to any human who has ever lived, doesnt mean you shouldnt swear your entire life to it, judge the rest of existence by it, and teach your kids to believe in it too, you betcha (And)
    2. Never blindly pledge allegiance to anything, or follow any crowd, or anyone, (even your own mother!) without KNOWING why.
Just a few questions that severely impair the movie narrative (as seen by the children who watched it with me).

First of all, (in my opinion) the movie was about religion, pure and simple. The great voice was only heard by one being, and the whisper was only heard by the great one. So if you are into god, this is a perfect way to mold the mind of your child to believe in things one can (seemingly) never verify. But, why could this never be verified? Why wouldn’t someone, somewhere be able to verify it? Why couldn’t the other elephants verify that, “yes, there are voices coming from that little speck.” This is the reasoning of a child! If one can do a thing, someone like that one should also be able to do it. Which brings up an excellent point…

Why is it some people believe that showing naked bodies to children will harm them, but yet they are silent when a movie shows violence? In the same aspect, why do the people who rally against violent material, not rally against stupid, brainless, inane, illogical, irrational material marketed as correct behavior to those same children? Let’s reason on this:

What has the possibility of doing mankind more harm;
    1. a child seeing the penis, teats, vagina or buttocks of fellow humans;
    2. a child seeing the general willful harm, shooting, stabbing or exploding of fellow humans;
    3. a child seeing the abject forfeiture of reason and willful neglect of logic as leading to salvation.
Which of these, if they were inculcated into the mind of all children (as if some of these are not), would be the guaranteed end of human civilization? I just find it very interesting that people don’t see the development of reasoning skills as the ultimate mediator when it comes to sex (because of which we all exist) and violence (because of which we all exist), but instead, when confronted by things of inane nature say things like, “Well, it’s only a movie…” If one can say that about the movies that dumb down an audience, why isn't it said about the ones that glorify sex?

Was the fact that a main character had next to no reasoning ability or that they neglected to teach their offspring respect was suppose to be negated by the “hilarity” that ensued as the character’s role was played out? As we watched the movie, “Why is he doing that” was often heard. But then again, my kids are not the average brain-dead spawn of retard semen. Upon seeing the climax, we were all left pretty dumb founded that the story had been allowed to progress to that point, but there were lessons to learn from the tale (no there weren't, I'm just attempting to add some sort of "G.I.JOE" ending; some of that, "and knowings half the battle" shit).
  1. Do some research; If not in the roots or basis of a belief, then into the mindset of the people who believe it.
  2. Attempt to verify the “facts” , or “truths” used for promoting the belief by searching them out for yourself.
It is very possible that you might (could just possibly) save the whole entire world from killing itself in a holy war (maybe perhaps you bet’cha).

Back to the movie...
All in all, even with the religious subtext, it really is a humorous movie with themes that even young retarded children should find simple to recognize. Watch it with your kids, and see if they are as smart as mine (here's a hint, they're not)!

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